Desperate times for the Labor Party


Labor’s ambulance chaser Sarah Lovell has stooped to a new low.

In a desperate attempt for relevance, Ms Lovell has launched an attack on a legitimate community awareness campaign which was running before the election.

This last minute pitch for a cheap headline, is nothing but a smear campaign against Department and Ambulance Tasmania staff.

Is Ms Lovell saying all paramedics, doctors and nurses should stop working during the election campaign? These hardworking Ambulance Tasmania staff have a vital role to play in our community and should not have to deal with these politically motivated claims.

The facts of the matter are Labor has an appalling record on health. The last time they were in office they cut half a billion dollars from the Health Budget, sacked 287 nurses and closed entire hospital wards.

Only a re-elected majority Gutwein Liberal Government can Secure Tasmania’s Future.