Labor’s magic pudding policies


Labor's desperation has resorted to magic pudding economics, with Labor committing $5 million for Health ICT, claiming it will deliver the same benefits of a $151 million project, and can be implemented "from day 1".

For $5 million, Labor claim they will "ensure patients can book appointments with specialists online, GPs will be able to make electronic referrals to their patients’ local hospitals, and GPs will have electronic access to information about their patients’ treatment in the public health and hospital service."

On the other hand, a majority Liberal Government will invest $21.6 million for a fully integrated Human Resources Information System, and continue our consultation through Our Healthcare Future to develop a 10 year Health ICT plan, to develop an ICT system that is modern and capable of supporting quality patient care and better outcomes through the provision of online information to the right person at the right time and place.

A recent project in the ACT, a health system that admits fewer patients than Tasmania, is budgeted at $151 million, with several years to implement. In another blatant mistruth, Labor's Spokesperson has said GPs will have this access" from day one."

This is a major project, Labor's underfunded it by more than $100 million, and have no plan to consult with the health workforce and stakeholders on how it would be rolled out.