Taking climate action


Tasmania has cemented its reputation as a climate leader.

We were the first state in Australia to reach net zero emissions and we’ve reached our 2050 target early for five years in a row.

A re-elected majority Gutwein Liberal Government will continue to harness our island’s competitive advantages and lead Australia’s transition to a low-emissions economy.

We will continue to take climate action across all sectors of our economy, including in housing, transport, waste, industry, energy and land use.

A majority Gutwein Liberal Government will get more Tasmanians behind the wheels of electric vehicles by:

  • Delivering a two-year Stamp Duty waiver for the purchase of new and second-hand electric vehicles;
  • Delivering a further $600,000 in grants to grow our electric vehicle charging network in the regions and at tourism attractions; and
  • Supporting our tourism industry to become a carbon neutral destination by waiving registration for electric vehicles purchased by car rental companies and coach operators for two years.

We will also encourage farmers and other businesses to participate in the growing carbon market through a $250,000 Carbon Farming Advice Pilot Program.

The program will provide a rebate of up to $10,000 for farmers and businesses to seek carbon farming advice from experts to create carbon credits for sale in national and international markets.

Given our success in reducing emissions, there is an opportunity to increase our ambition, and present a new Climate Change Act and target to Parliament, and finalise a new Climate Action Plan this year.

We are currently consulting on a new more ambitious target which will be informed by community feedback and expert economic modelling being overseen by the Climate Change Office and the Department of Treasury.

Tasmania’s strong record on climate action is an increasingly important part of our brand.

So, to continue this leadership, within 60 days of coming to Government we will take advice from the Climate Change Office on setting a target for Government operations to become carbon neutral.

Only a majority Gutwein Liberal Government has a strong plan to secure Tasmania’s future that includes taking the necessary climate action.

The full policy is available here.