Expanding 24 Carrot kitchen garden program to more Tasmanian schools


A re-elected majority Gutwein Liberal Government will invest in a successful school kitchen garden program, teaching more Tasmanian children how to grow, prepare and enjoy eating healthy produce.

24 Carrot now operates in fifteen Tasmanian schools and communities, helping young Tasmanians live healthy and happy lives, fuelled by fresh produce and healthy cooking.

A re-elected majority Liberal Government will invest $1 million over four years to expand this successful program to three secondary schools in Southern Tasmania and two North West Primary schools.

Our investment will see 24 Carrot work with schools on the North West coast and the secondary school system for the first time. It will mean that young people transitioning into high school can continue to build on the knowledge, skills and access to nutrition they’ve received in primary school.

A garden would be established at each of the schools, with kitchens adapted to ensure the program is consistent with the curriculum. The investment would also support staffing in line with the current model.

Teaching children to grow and prepare their own food has wellbeing benefits, is an opportunity to learn about nutrition and helps establish healthy eating habits.

This commitment to 24 Carrot is part of our increased focus on preventive health and nutrition. The earlier good habits are established, the more likely they will continue throughout adulthood.

A majority Gutwein Liberal Government looks forward to working in partnership with 24 Carrot as part of our plan to secure Tasmania’s future.