Scooting to secure Tasmania’s future


Tasmanians will be able to zip around our cities on a new set of wheels under a re-elected majority Gutwein Liberal Government.

E-scooters are easy to carry, great to get to and from public transport and above all, good for our environment.

But under our current regulatory framework, electric devices with a power output of more than 200 watts are considered motor vehicles and therefore not allowed on footpaths and shared paths - nor are they eligible to be registered for use on roads.

A re-elected majority Gutwein Liberal Government will review this and look to kick start their use more widely in Tassie.

Within 60 days of being re-elected, we’ll identify the amendments required to safely permit e-scooters and other types of personal mobility devices.

This will make them lawful to be used on certain types of public infrastructure.

This is in addition to the measures announced yesterday to get more Tasmanians behind the wheels of electric vehicles as part of our Climate Action policy.

Our hope is to see e-scooters parked outside our workplaces and schools, as we continue to lead Australia’s transition to a low emissions economy.

Accelerating the use of e-scooters will help our environment but also help minimise traffic congestion by getting more Tasmanians out of their cars for short commutes.

Only a majority Gutwein Liberal Government has a plan to secure Tasmania’s future that includes getting Tasmanians out of their cars, and reducing pollution and noise.