Vote for your local Liberal candidates to secure Tasmania's future


Tomorrow, I ask Tasmanians to vote for their local Liberal candidates, so we can provide the strong, stable majority Government needed to Secure Tasmania’s Future and keep me in the Premier’s Chair.

Our Plan to Secure Tasmania’s Future will support 40,000 jobs and keep our economy growing and Tasmanians in work.

As a State we are in a good place, but as we have seen this week with the recent Western Australian lockdown and the COVID catastrophe in India, it’s not over yet.

There will be more difficult decisions to make before we are through this, and you need a majority Government to make the decisions necessary to keep Tasmanians safe and keep our State powering ahead.

Minority Governments just don’t work. During the last Labor-Green minority Government 10,000 jobs were lost and Tasmania went into recession.

It is clear Labor can’t win majority Government, but they may be able to cobble together a minority Government with the Greens and independents – just like last time.

The only way to deliver the certainty Tasmania needs and keep me in the Premier’s Chair is to vote for a majority Liberal Government tomorrow.