Boost to Road Safety on Railton Road welcomed


Liberal candidate for Lyons, Susie Bower has welcomed new funding from the

Morrison Government to improve road safety on Railton Rd at Moltema.

Ms Bower said funding committed to the Meander Valley municipality was part

of the Morrison Liberal Government’s 2021–22 Black Spot Program.

“As a candidate for Lyons I welcome the Government’s funding to improve road

safety on Railton Rd,” Ms Bower said.

“The Meander Valley Council will receive $28,000 from the Morrison

Government to install safety barriers and skid resistant surfacing on Railton

Road, near Harveys Road in Moltema.

“This intersection has been identified as a dangerous crash site, and funding will

deliver vital road safety improvements to provide a safer driving experience for

all road users.

“I want all Tasmanian road users to get home safely to their families, and

investing to improve road infrastructure will mitigate against serious accidents.”

“This is a great example of Government listening to the community and helping

to find solutions. I encourage all members of the community to keep bringing

forward ideas for improvements to local infrastructure and if you’ve got ideas

and suggestions, please get in touch with me so I can advocate for the solutions

on your behalf,” Ms Bower said