Kristy with a Y to contest Franklin for the Libs


Small-business owner Kristy Johnson will contest Franklin for the Liberal Party at the next Federal election.

Ms Johnson, who is a part-owner and manager of successful local business Fernwood Bellerive (as well as Glenorchy Health and Fitness), said that she was motivated to stand to help more small businesses to succeed, and families to get ahead.

“Small business is more than just a glib phrase to me”, Ms Johnson said.

“Owning two small businesses I understand some of the struggles business faces such as cash flow, marketing, the need for innovation, and finding well-trained staff.

“As a single mother of two beautiful daughters, I also want to be able to assist families get along and get ahead, no matter their circumstances.”

“Joining the Federal Liberal government, in partnership with Premier Gutwein’s Liberal team, I want to ensure Franklin gets our fair share of job-securing investment and funding for essential services.”

Ms Johnson said that the Federal seat of Franklin had been the forgotten Tasmanian electorate for nearly 15 years under the current Labor member, with its member all but invisible.

“My question is, what has the Labor member actually achieved for Franklin?”, Ms Johnson said.

“Franklin deserves a member who will put their community back on the map in Canberra.”

Ms Johnson joked about people often confusing her with the State politician of the same name.

“Although I’m Liberal and she’s ex-Labor I’m often confused with my namesake – especially when it comes to spelling my name”, Mr Johnson said.

“So I'm Kristy with a Y and I'm the Kristy who will always ask why, and how can I help?