Tasmanians are playing part in Covid fight


Congratulations Tasmania – for collectively rolling up your sleeve to get the Covid-19 vaccine.

In reaching a fully vaccinated rate of 70 per cent for people aged 16 and over, you have helped to get us well on the way to being able to safely reopen our country. Thank you to all the healthcare workers across Tasmania, from Burnie to Launceston, from Strahan to Hobart, for everything you have done. You have been on the ground from the beginning, responding to the start of this pandemic last year, and now with the vaccine protecting us.

The day when we will achieve a fully vaccinated rate of 70 per cent in every state and territory is not far off. And it will be a testament to the resolve, resilience and fortitude of our nation. Everyone across Tasmania and beyond who has made the decision to get vaccinated is protecting themselves and their community, and helping us get back to the things we all love to do.

With our nationwide double-dose rate now sitting at approximately 73.1 per cent and rising fast, Australians have again demonstrated we are a country that understands the benefits of vaccination and how it can save lives and avoid serious illness. We have seen this through our world-leading child immunisation rates, the rate at which Australians are now getting vaccinated against Covid-19, exceeding rates of vaccination of many countries across the globe.

The Doherty Institute modelling has indicated when we hit levels of 70 per cent double-dose vaccination across the country, we can start to safely open up the country, with fewer lockdowns. Every day we see records met and exceeded in the vaccine rollout.

Every day we see more people across Australia roll up their sleeves. I urge everyone who has had their first dose to make sure they get their second for maximum protection. And for those who are not yet vaccinated my message is clear.

he vaccines available in Australia provide a high level of protection against severe illness and death from Covid- 19. And we have secured strong supplies. I encourage every eligible person who is not yet vaccinated to make an appointment to go and get the vaccine and be part of this significant achievement.

The Hon Greg Hunt MP is the Minister for Health and Aged Care