The Leith Overpass: Senator Urquhart must set the record straight


I’m very disappointed that Labor Senator Anne Urquhart has misrepresented the truth to the residents of Leith, and further perpetuated incorrect information in the newspaper and on radio, with regards to funding for the proposed Leith overpass.

The truth is: No Federal Government money is invested in this proposed project. 100% of the funding has been committed by the State Government.

At a time when emotions are running high among residents of Leith, it would be shameful if Senator Urquhart is choosing to play politics with this issue. For now, I will give her the benefit of the doubt and assume that she has simply failed to do her homework prior to the meeting.

Unlike the Senator, I have done my homework and contacted the offices of both the State and Federal Ministers. Both offices have categorically confirmed that there are no federal funds being directed towards the Leith overpass.

Given Senator Urquhart’s error, I now expect that she returns to Leith and sets the record straight with the residents she has misled, and makes a retraction in the media – that the Federal Government is not involved in the Leith Overpass proposal.

In future, if Senator Urquhart wants any information about the hundreds of projects the Federal Government is delivering across the electorate of Braddon, I’m more than happy to take her call.