Another record high for jobs in Tasmania


The latest ABS Labour Force data for February has confirmed a new record high for the number of Tasmanians ever employed, at 265,600, in seasonally adjusted terms.

There are now 31,000 more Tasmanians employed than when we first came to Government in 2014, with 6,200 Tasmanians finding work in February alone – a 2.4 per cent increase, the highest monthly growth in the country.

Pleasingly, there are also a record number of women employed at 127,700, and our unemployment rate remains at near-record lows at 3.9 per cent, and below the national average.

This is fantastic news for Tasmanian businesses and workers and demonstrates our economy continues to perform strongly following the reopening of our borders in December, with businesses now operating with COVID and having the confidence to invest and hire.

And with businesses hiring, Tasmania’s participation rate also grew 1.4 per cent in February, as Tasmanians return to the labour force, confident in the opportunities available.

We entered the pandemic in a position of strength and have reopened as one of the safest places in the world, and these great results demonstrate the strength in our economy as we transition to living with COVID.

We will continue to support Tasmanians, our businesses, and our community to maintain this momentum as we deliver on our plan to secure Tasmania’s future.