Liberals supporting Sorell Council plan to help job seekers find work


The Liberals are working closely with the Sorell Council to help more people find work.

Liberal candidate for Lyons, Susie Bower, said the Liberals have provided $1.5 million to help the Sorell Council build a new facility for the South-East Employment Hub.

“Our number one priority is jobs,” said Ms Bower.

“The South-East Employment Hub will help more Tasmanians find work in the South-East of the State.We’re backing in this project because the Hub is already delivering results.In fact, it’s been so successful it’s outgrown its current facility.

“The Sorell Council has asked for $1.5 million, or half the funding needed to build a new hub and it’s an investment I’m pleased we are making.

“These are the sorts of projects I want to support because we know they work.

“The Hub already connects nearly 2,000 businesses and employers in the region to hundreds of potential employees.It has assisted 151 businesses in the past two years and has helped nearly 500 people find work since it first opened.

“In fact, the Hub has been so successful other regions in the State are copying the model.

“Tasmania’s economy is really strong at the moment, but that creates its own challenges.We need to help businesses and community members access the jobs and opportunities that are going to set them up for success.

“Creating a new, purpose-built facility will help turbo-charge the program and help even more people in the area.

“The Hub’s new location is central, close to child care and transport and will be accessible to the entire region.Co-locating with the local Trade Training Centre is vital to help people join our growing high-vis army of tradies in the region.”

Ms Bower said the funding has been provided to the Sorell Council, who will break ground and start the build as soon as possible.