Tasmanian Liberal Government Ministry


Today I am pleased to announce a new Tasmanian Liberal Government Ministry and welcome Jo Palmer to join our Cabinet to continue the job of delivering our plan to secure Tasmania’s future.

Jo Palmer is an exceptionally experienced and hard-working representative of the community and will become Minister for Primary Industries and Water, Minister for Disability Services and Minister for Women. Jo will also remain Deputy leader for the Government in the Legislative Council.

Since becoming a Member of the Legislative Council in August 2020, Jo has been a strong and committed member of the Rosevears electorate and is passionate about increasing community pride, local jobs and small business growth.

I extend my congratulations to Jo who I know will excel in this role.

As Premier, I will retain the portfolios of Health and Mental Health, as these are my first priorities, because I believe health and wellbeing are the foundations to a prosperous community.

I will also lead the portfolios of tourism and trade, which, as we recover from the effects of the global pandemic will be strategically imperative to ensure a diverse and resilient economy, with our culture and brand integral across both areas.

As Deputy Premier, Michael Ferguson will be Treasurer, Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, as well as Minister for Planning. The importance of alignment in these areas will assist in strategic oversight of community infrastructure needs, plans and delivery.

Attorney General, Elise Archer, will retain the portfolio of Justice, while also being Minister for Corrections and Rehabilitation. With our strong focus on community safety, I believe an equally strong focus on therapeutic care and rehabilitation is essential, to allow people who have done the time for crime, the opportunity to gain the skills and support they need to fully participate in society.

The Attorney General will also retain the portfolios of Workplace Safety and Consumer Affairs, as well as Minister for Arts.

Guy Barnett will be Minister for State Development, Construction and Housing.

I know Guy’s strong work ethic and commitment to delivery will help bring to fruition the boldest housing development plan in Tasmania’s history to increase the supply of affordable and social housing and put downward pressure on rent. While his other portfolios of Energy and Renewables, as well as Resources, align well with State Development given the significance of opportunities in these areas. Minister Barnett will also retain the portfolio of Veteran’s Affairs.

Roger Jaensch will be Minister for Education, Children and Youth, and Minister for Skills, Training and Workforce Growth – as I believe it essential these portfolios have strategic alignment to give young Tasmanians the best opportunity to get the support, education and training they need, from cradle to career.

Minister Jaensch will also have the portfolios of Environment and Climate Change, as well as Aboriginal Affairs.

Madeleine Ogilvie will be Minister for Small Business, Minister for Advanced Manufacturing and Defence Industries, Minister for Science and Technology, as well as Minister for Heritage. Minister Ogilvie will also retain the portfolio of Racing.

Jacquie Petrusma retains the portfolios of Police, Fire and Emergency Management, Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence and Minister for Parks.

Nic Street, who has been incredibly hard working in the role as Minister for Sport and Recreation, will also be Minister for Hospitality and Events, Minister for Community Services and Development and Minister for Local Government, with the focus on building strong, connected and thriving communities.

Minister Street will also be Leader of the House.

Mark Shelton will remain Speaker.

John Tucker will remain Chair of Committees and Deputy Speaker, and Felix Ellis will remain Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier and Government Whip.

Lara Alexander will take on the role of Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for State Development, Construction and Housing, given Lara’s strong experience in this area.

Leonie Hiscutt will continue to be Leader for the Government in the Legislative Council, with Nick Duigan and Jane Howlett serving as strong representatives of their electorates of Windermere and Prosser respectively.

We have a strong, united and experienced team, and we have balanced and aligned portfolios across members to ensure a focus on delivery.

I acknowledge all members of my parliamentary Liberal team and I know they will serve Tasmanians well in helping to realise this vision.

The new Ministry will be sworn in at Government House tomorrow.