Tasmanians know that taxes will always be lower under a Liberal Government. That’s the record, they’re the facts.

Tasmanians also know that taxes will be higher under a Labor Government, especially if Labor does another deal with the Greens.

Today, the Liberals have announced a Lower Tax Guarantee, which includes delivering $100 billion of tax relief for Australian workers over the next four years and provides certainty to workers, retirees and every small business in the State.

The Liberals will also continue to put a speed limit on taxes by keeping taxes below 23.9 per cent of GDP.

A re-elected Morrison Government’s Lower Tax Guarantee includes:

• No new taxes on Australian workers.

• No new taxes on retirees.

• No new taxes on superannuation.

• No new taxes on small businesses.

• No new taxes on housing.

• No new taxes on electricity.

Let’s be clear: for a stronger future we need a strong economy and lower taxes are at the heart of the Liberals’ plan.

On the other hand, who knows what sort of taxes Labor would introduce if given the chance? Everyone knows Labor has form when it comes to jacking up taxes and if they do another deal with the Greens it would only get worse for Tasmanians.

The reason why Labor want to tax more is because they can’t manage money and when they run out of money they come after yours.