Liberals’ plan for Lyons: Small businesses to save on power bills under re-elected Liberal Government


The Liberals will help small and medium sized businesses save money on their energy bills through a new $60 million Powering Business program.

Liberal Candidate for Lyons, Susie Bower said the program would enable local businesses to bring down the cost of their energy bills by investing in energy efficient equipment.

“Ongoing energy costs can be a significant overhead for business owners, and reducing the amount they pay for energy means they have more money to reinvest in their business and create jobs,” Ms Bower said.

“Backing small business so they can confidently back themselves is part of my plan for Lyons.

“The Morrison Government’s Powering Business program would see businesses reduce their energy bills by upgrading to energy efficient equipment.

“Businesses operating across industries including manufacturing, retail and farming industries will all be eligible for the program, and enable them to invest in equipment such as new heaters, air-conditioners or cool rooms.

“Small businesses would benefit from grants of up to $25,000, and medium businesses would receive up to $50,000 in matched funding to support energy efficient equipment upgrades.

“By empowering small and medium businesses to invest in cost-saving, energy efficient upgrades the Morrison Government is building a strong economy for a stronger future.”