Liberals’ plan on housing a winner for Tasmanians


The Liberals’ plan to help more people own their own home sooner is a clear winner for Tasmanians.

Your superannuation belongs to you, your house should belong to you as well and unlike Labor’s policy, which would see the taxpayers’ foot the bill and the Government own part of your house, our policy will help more Tasmanians own their own home without diminishing their superannuation.

In fact, owning your own home will most likely increase the value of your superannuation.

One of the leading causes of financial stress in retirement is not owning your own home and therefore having to continue to pay rent.

Our policy will help ensure that Tasmanians own their own homes in retirement, increasing their financial security.

I’m not surprised that the usual suspects are attacking our sound policy and you have to question their motives. The unions operate a number of the larger superannuation funds and these superannuation funds bankroll the unions and in turn Labor.

Labor isn’t thinking about the best interests of Tasmanians in opposing our plan, they are thinking about the best interests of the union movement and that needs to be called out.

The Liberals have a clear plan for Tasmania and one of the foundations of that is helping more people own their own home. That’s just one of the ways we’re going to create a stronger future for Tasmanians.