The Morrison Government will invest $2.3 million in the restoration of giant marine kelp forests in Tasmania as part of its ongoing commitment to healthier oceans and the protection of threatened species.

Minister for the Environment Sussan Ley said that Working with the Nature conservancy the Morrison Government will work to restore the endangered kelp forests that strengthen marine biodiversity and reduce greenhouse gasses.

“Giant kelp species once created marine forest environments around the country that were havens from marine biodiversity,” Minister Ley said.

“We are announcing a partnership with the Nature Conservancy that builds on our highly successful joint efforts in restoring native shell reefs around the country.

“Our work with the Nature Conservancy through the Reef Builder program is improving water quality, growing marine biodiversity and bringing local jobs to thirteen sites around the country.

“The focus of the giant kelp project will commence with the small remaining pockets of giant kelp in Tasmania, restoring 20 hectares of forest along three east coast locations.

“The amazing thing is that these giant kelp can grow up to 40 centimetres a day and there is a real opportunity to reverse the outlook for these endangered ecological communities.”

Liberal Candidate for Lyons Susie Bower said that supporting coastal communities was all part of her plan for Lyons.

“Recovering kelp forests will help to boost fisheries production, and provide employment opportunities in our coastal communities in the marine construction and marine tourism industries,” Ms Bower said.

“This pilot will allow us to look at new ways of making our east coast healthier and look after it for future generations.

“We are only able to make these investments because of the Morrison Government’s strong economic management, and I am proud to be part of a team that is building a stronger future for Tasmania.”