Gregory Brown Supports Mandatory Minimum Jail Time for Child Sex Offenders


Liberal candidate for Rumney, Gregory Brown committed today to supporting laws requiring mandatory jail time for child sex offenders, if elected to the Legislative Council.

“Justice demands child sex offenders serve time in jail, full stop, end of story,” Mr Brown said.

“The Liberal Government has tried to bring forward laws requiring mandatory minimum jail time for serious sexual offences against children – but Labor has blocked it every step of the way.

“The Labor Member for Rumney voted against mandatory minimum sentences for child sex offenders and will do so again if given the chance.

“My pledge to the people of Rumney is clear: I support keeping child sex offenders off the streets and keeping our kids safe.

“I’m prepared to stand up and say enough is enough.I stand with victim-survivors and their families to say that a tough response is needed and justified.

“In taking this stand, we have consulted with survivor groups such as Beyond Abuse.

“Sexual offences against children are heinous and the community rightfully expects that anyone who commits serious sexual offences against children should go to jail.

“But Labor is soft on crime. Labor is putting the rights of offenders ahead of the rights of victims and survivors, families and our kids.

“In late 2020, Labor and the Greens voted against guaranteed prison time for child sex offenders which would have seen minimum imprisonment periods of at least two years.

“Mandatory sentencing removes any doubt about where the community stands – abuse against children is abhorrent and we will not shy away from putting these criminals in prison.

“The people of Rumney have a clear choice on election day: I am the only candidate who will work with the Rockliff Liberal Government to be tough on crime and keep our communities and kids safe.”