Federal Budget must deliver for Regional Tasmanians


Liberal candidate for Lyons, Susie Bower, says that tonight’s budget needs to deliver for the people of Regional Tasmania.

“Tonight’s budget will be a key test for the Lyons Labor MP,” said Ms Bower.

“I’ve heard many people in our community say that in the 12 months since the election, the Labor Member hasn’t delivered a plan to improve our community.

“We need a plan to get more GPs into our local practices. A plan for funding improvements to roads to keep people safe, improved telecommunications and connectivity and a plan to keep the economy strong.

“I’m running for Lyons because I will stand up for our community, working with regional Tasmanians to produce and deliver our plan to make regional Tasmania the best it can be.

“We deserve our fair share from Canberra. If the Lyons Labor MP hasn’t stood up for our community in the last seven years since being elected, it’s clear we need a fresh start with someone who will.”