White locks in $204.7 million health cuts


In the most extraordinary admission of the campaign, Labor has promised to cut health spending if they are elected tomorrow.

Labor’s own costings released yesterday confirm Labor is planning $172.9 million in direct health cuts.

On top of that, Labor’s costings rely on $31.8 million in Federal health funding.

But in the Senate yesterday, Federal Labor was asked three times if Ms White had been in talks with her colleagues in Canberra to lock in that funding.

Three times the Federal Labor Government confirmed there has been no request from Ms White for funding.

Not one.

Ms White has yet again been caught out making things up.

Ms White must today explain her $204.7 million in health cuts.

Only a re-elected majority Liberal Government’s 2030 Strong Plan for Tasmania’s Future will continue to build the health system Tasmanians needs.