236 West Tamar Road, Riverside TAS 7250

Jo Palmer was elected to the Legislative Council in August 2020, as a Liberal endorsed candidate, representing the electorate of Rosevears. Rosevears covers the West Tamar area from Greens Beach and Beauty Point down through to Riverside, as well as the Launceston suburbs of Trevallyn, West Launceston, Summerhill and Prospect.

Jo Palmer lives with her husband and four children in West Launceston, having grown up in Trevallyn since the age of six.

She is passionate about increasing community pride, local jobs and small business growth, and has great belief in the power of education.

Jo has supported our community in Ambassador roles for sick or traumatised children, people with disabilities and medical research. She is a Tasmanian of the Year recipient for her charity work.

She believes a hand-up offers far greater long-term benefits than a hand-out and is committed to the importance of individual responsibility.

Jo is involved with a number of State, Regional Committees including Membership Launceston Chamber of Commerce, Membership Tas Women in Agriculture, Clown Doctors and DanceSport Tasmania.

Jo served Tasmania for 20 years as a trusted journalist and news reader. With your support she will be your trusted voice for Rosevears in Parliament and within the State Government.

Jo was appointed to Deputy Leader of the Legislative Council in May 2021 and membership of the Sessional Committee Government Administration B, Government Business Scrutiny Committee B, Estimate Committee B, Select Committee on Taswater, Deputy Chair GAB Committee for Disability Services in Tasmania, Road Safety in Tasmania Select Committee and Joint Standing Committee on Integrity.

In April 2022 Jo was sworn in as Minister for Women, Minister for Primary Industries and Water and Minister for Disability Services.