Low blow from White


Rebecca White’s attack on Health Minister Sarah Courtney is a low-blow, which must be called out.

To suggest that because Ms Courtney is a small business owner and owns a vineyard, she cannot be Health Minister is ridiculous, particularly given Ms White’s own health spokesperson is on the record saying that Tasmania has too many hospitals:

• Tasmania has "too many hospitals" (Dr Bastian Seidel, Twitter, 25/6/2015)

As Health Minister, working with our fantastic health professionals, Sarah Courtney has helped steer Tasmanian successfully through a once in a century pandemic.

This has seen a massive injection of an extra $1.7 billion for health in the last Budget, and as our health system returns to a post-COVID normal we will soon be announcing additional measures to boost our health system.

I’d prefer a small business owner with extensive professional credentials including engineering and finance, who has helped steer us through a pandemic as Health Minister, compared to a doctor who thinks Tasmania has too many hospitals, any day.