Labor running scared on costings


Labor are running scared on the costing of their policies, and three weeks into the campaign not a single one of their policies has been costed by Treasury under the Charter of Budget Responsibility Act.

In contrast, eight of our policies have already been costed by Treasury, and yesterday we submitted our land tax policy for costing.

Did Labor submit their land tax smash-and-grab policy for costing yesterday, or are they running scared on that too?

Already this campaign Labor has promised nearly $2 billion in spending, more than double our $914 million.

This spendathon by Labor already puts the budget at more than $1 billion in net debt.

The Tasmanian Government’s budget is not a magic pudding.

It is a finite resource that needs to be managed carefully in order to ensure we can afford to pay for essential services such as health, and deal with the big challenges such as COVID when they arise.

The only way Labor will be able to pay for their magic-pudding spendathon is with higher taxes and cuts to essential services like health – just like they did last time they were in office. It’s the same old Labor.

Treasury costings (and Labor’s lack thereof) can be found here.