Busting Hobart traffic congestion hot spots


A re-elected Gutwein majority Liberal Government is committed to easing traffic congestion around Hobart, particularly in growth areas like Rokeby and Kingston.

As part of a $115 million package, we will commit to Stage 3 of the Rokeby to South Arm Road project and the Algona Road Interchange and Kingston Bypass Duplication.

Within the first 100 days of office, we will put forward a strong bid backed by the recently completed Corridor Plan, seeking $44 million to co-invest $11 million towards a dual carriageway to manage growth and safety between Rokeby and South Arm.

Following a successful bid, planning and development would commence in 2023 with construction to start in 2025 and works expected to be completed by 2027.

With traffic volume in the area growing at around 4 per cent per annum we know we need to take action. It is a critical transport link with congestion points contributing to increased travel times during peak hours.

We also know that current pedestrian, cycling and public transport infrastructure does not meet contemporary standards.

Stage 3 covers the stretch between Pass Road and Acton Road, and would involve building two traffic lanes in each direction through to Oakdowns, with a four lane bypass of the Rokeby commercial area, improving safety and amenity. There will also be pathways for both pedestrians and cyclists.

This builds on the Stages 1 and 2 Rokeby Main Rd projects delivered by the Tasmanian Liberal Government.

Traffic congestion is also causing headaches at the Algona Road roundabout following rapid and significant population growth in the Kingborough area. This is why, if re-elected, we will put forward another strong bid for Federal funding of $48 million to co-invest $12 million toward a $60 million project to deliver a grade separated interchange at the Algona Roundabout, and duplication of the Kingston Bypass from Algona Rd to the Huon Highway.

If the bid is successful, planning and design will commence in early 2022, construction will commence in mid-2023 with works expected to be completed by the end of 2025.

The transformational project will provide two lanes of uninterrupted travel in each direction between the Channel Highway and the Southern Outlet, hassle free access to Blackmans Bay and Huntingfield, and local schools, and will make provision for pedestrians and cyclists.

We will also develop a 10-year strategic action plan for the Channel Highway, to inform and plan for long term investment and improvement of this key commuter corridor for the growing southern suburbs.

Some of the first actions under the 10-year strategic action plan will be to commence planning for a pedestrian and cycle path extending from Huntingfield to Margate, as a continuation of the Snug to Margate shared path, and to commence planning and investigation of pedestrian crossings in the townships of Margate and Snug to improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety.

We are taking the action required to secure Tasmania’s future and Tasmanian jobs.