Labor refuses to back Tamar Bridge


Despite promising an unaffordable and undeliverable billion dollar-plus roads spendathon, Labor has failed to commit to the much-needed new Tamar Bridge.

In their roads policy, snuck onto their website late last night, Labor commit only to a “feasibility study” into a new Tamar Bridge, and have allocated no funding to its construction whatsoever.

In contrast, we have announced that a re-elected Liberal Government will allocate $80 million to the project.

Under our plan, design, planning, approvals and procurement processes will commence in 2023, with construction to commence in 2025 and be completed by 2028.

It is clear that the southern-centric Shadow Minister, Mr O’Byrne, doesn’t care about Launceston – just like his former colleague Scott Bacon who infamously said “Launceston bound. Is it as bad as I remember it?”

The only way to get the new Tamar Bridge Tasmania needs is by voting Liberal on May 1.