Securing a safer Tasmania


A re-elected majority Gutwein Liberal Government will boost Tasmania Police to the highest number of officers in the State's history.

An additional 50 police officers will be recruited over five years if a we are re-elected as part of our plan to secure a safer Tasmania.

This means 308 additional officers since we came to Government in 2014, demonstrating our strong commitment to keeping Tasmanians safe.

Our plan will also include $12.5 million to upgrade the Bridgewater Police Station, and $7.5 million to deliver a new Police Station at St Helens to accommodate the increase in police numbers at this station.

To keep our rural and regional towns safe, we will invest $4 million into a CCTV grants program for local councils to deter offenders and ensure that police have the evidence they need to identify and prosecute offenders.

A re-elected majority Gutwein Liberal Government will also provide an additional $1.5 million annually into the Health and Wellbeing Program, which will take the funding to $3 million per annum.

We will provide $100,000 in funding to support Crime Stoppers to undertake additional community engagement and adopt anti-theft measures, such as the Bikelinc Program.

We will support our police through the recruitment of specialised support staff to complement and assist them with investigations, which will include prosecutors, cybercrime specialists and digital evidence staff.

A majority Gutwein Liberal Government will introduce legislation for mandatory blood testing of individuals who deliberately expose our frontline workers to blood or other bodily fluids.

This will assist to determine whether a disease is likely to be contracted and ensure that those individuals who expose our frontline workers to diseases can be prosecuted.

The Liberal Government has been keeping Tasmanians safe by rebuilding our police service after Labor and the Greens sacked 108 police officers, and we are committed to continuing this important work.

The full policy is available here.