Securing Tasmania’s future by investing in paramedics and regional health services

A re-elected majority Gutwein Liberal Government will employ additional paramedics and recruit more staff and improve health facilities in our regional areas.

48 new permanent paramedics will be recruited over two years, joining the 170 additional full-time equivalent Paramedics and Dispatch Officers recruited since we came to Government in 2014.

These additional permanent paramedics will be heading to stations in all regions of the State, from Sheffield to Campbell Town, through to the West Coast and North East, subject to consultation with local staff and community stakeholders.

Once all 48 paramedics are in place, we’ll review service demand to ensure we know where to direct our future resources.

We’ll also invest $9 million in our Ambulance Tasmania vehicle fleet to deliver our paramedics the contemporary equipment they deserve.

New Helipads will be prioritised in regions that need them for aeromedical services including on the East Coast near the new St Helens Hospital and at Dover to support the Esperance Multi-Purpose Centre. We’ll invest $600,000 to deliver both helipads.

We’ve also previously announced that we’ll commence good faith negotiations with the Royal Flying Doctor Service on a long-term strategic partnership to support health services in remote and rural areas of the State.

In addition to the 180 defibrillators delivered to Tasmanian community groups since 2014, we will provide an additional $500,000 over two years for another 180 defibrillators to help save lives.

The Tasmanian Liberal Government has delivered more funding, more staff and more health services than any government before. We are now spending $9.8 billion on health, with 32 per cent of total Budget funding now spent on health, up from 25 per cent a decade ago.

But we know there’s more to do and a re-elected majority Gutwien Liberal Government will continue to invest in our regional health services to ensure Tasmanians can access care as close to home as possible.

This will include:

  • A $3.5 million refurbishment of the Midlands Multipurpose Centre at Oatlands; and
  • A boost of $3.4 million for rural hospital staffing, and a further $5 million for new equipment for our rural hospitals.
We have already committed to make it easier for Tasmanians to access medical care close to home and we will work with the primary health sector to implement a $3 million support and encouragement program for primary health services, like pharmacies, and local GPs to provide after-hours services for their local communities.

Only a re-elected majority Gutwein Liberal Government has a plan to Secure Tasmania’s future, including investing in the essential services Tasmanians need.

The full policy is available here.