More shallow promises from Labor


This is the latest example of Labor's Bastian Seidel putting politics over patients. Yesterday he doubled down on his plan to reinstate birthing services at the Mersey Community Hospital, against expert advice from the AMA.

A feasibility study report, commissioned by this Government, found the concept of a standalone hospice was not viable, however did recommend further improvements to existing in-patient and community palliative care services.

This is exactly what the Liberals have been committed to, and a re-elected majority Gutwein Government will commit $21 million to improve access to palliative and end of life care services for Tasmanians.

Hospice and other subacute and end of life care will be further explored as part of the Our Healthcare Future process.

If re-elected, we look forward to working with all stakeholders, including Friends of Northern Hospice, in this process.

Labor’s promises are just thought bubbles which they will not be able to fund.

Only a majority Liberal Government has a clear plan, a budgeted plan, to Secure Tasmania’s future.