Securing our business future


A re-elected Gutwein Liberal Government is committed to providing the stable, majority Government our business community needs so they have the confidence to grow, invest, and create jobs as we implement our plan to Secure Tasmania’s Future.

“If re-elected, we will work side by side with the business community to continue supporting them to create more jobs, and keep our economy as the top-performing in the country,” Premier Peter Gutwein said.

“Today I joined the Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TCCI) to demonstrate our commitment to business through the signing of the TCCI Government – Business Charter.

“The Charter confirms our clear commitment if re-elected to ensure we are using local companies and supporting Tasmanian jobs when awarding Government contracts, along with providing support and assistance to businesses to help them secure these contracts.

“Importantly, this will build on the Buy Local Policy we implemented soon after we came to office, strengthening it further to create even more opportunities for Tasmanian jobs and businesses."

Minister for Small Business, Hospitality and Events Sarah Courtney said a re-elected majority Gutwein Liberal Government will also provide $30,000 per annum for an expanded Tasmanian Survey of Business Expectations.

“This will provide more data to inform decision making as we continue our economic recovery,” Minister Courtney said.

But the most important way to support businesses is by providing a strong, stable majority Government to keep our state powering ahead, which only the Liberal party can provide.

“Minority government leads to lower confidence, less investment and job losses, and would be devastating to businesses – as we saw last time, when the Labor-Green Government oversaw the loss of 10,000 jobs,” the Premier said.

“This election is close, and while it is clear Labor cannot possibly win majority Government, they might be able to cobble together a minority Government with the Greens and Independents.

“That means, if you want to keep me in the Premier’s Chair you must vote for your local Liberal candidates to Secure Tasmania’s Future.”