Liberals’ Plan for a stronger Tasmania: more support for diabetes patients


Investing more into health is a key part of the Liberals’ Plan for a stronger Tasmania.

Type 1 diabetes affects over 3,000 Tasmanians.Not only is it a serious, life-threatening condition, it can be expensive to treat.

That’s why the Liberals have outlined a Plan to save Tasmanian diabetes patients thousands of dollars each year.

Senator Jonno Duniam said the Plan will help everyone with Type 1 diabetes in Tasmania.

“The centrepiece of the Plan is a $273 million commitment to cut the cost of Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) for all Tasmanians,” Senator Duniam said.

“This means everyone who needs it will have access to CGM and Flash Glucose Monitoring devices under the National Diabetes Services Scheme from 1 July 2022 for a maximum of $32.50 each month, equivalent to the cost they would already be incurring when using blood glucose test strips.

“Without our Plan, these devices could cost as much as $5,000 per year.

“Saving diabetes patients thousands of dollars each year, boosting record investments in health research and making even more medicines cheaper for more patients are key to a re-elected Liberal Government’s Plan to secure the future of the healthcare system.

“The Plan grows funding for the health portfolio from $132 billion in 2022-23, to $140 billion in 2025-26, guarantees Medicare and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), delivers more health services, expands Australian medical research and ensures we can make the best investments for health in Australia, now and into the future.”