Liberal’s plan to bring down the cost of living


Bringing down the cost of living for hardworking Tasmanians is all part of the Liberal’s plan for a stronger economy and a stronger future.

Liberal Senator for Tasmania Jonno Duniam said that the Liberal’s temporary, targeted and responsible measures were already ensuring people across Tasmania kept more money in their pocket, including bringing down fuel prices.

“Under the Liberals, fuel excise has been cut in half for a six month period - saving Tasmanian residents 22 cents a litre every time they fill up their vehicle,” Senator Duniam said.

“This means that a family with two cars who fill up once a week could save up to $700 over the six months.

“We are also reducing taxes for hardworking Tasmanians.

“Our additional one-off $420 cost of living tax offset means that more than 10 million low-and-middle income earners across the country will now receive a total of up to $1,500, and couples up to $3,000, from 1 July this year.

“The Liberals have a plan for lower taxes, more jobs and bringing down the cost of living, and that plan is working.

“In contrast, Labor has no plan for Tasmania, no plan for our economy and no plan to help ease the cost of living pressures Tasmanians are feeling right now.

“This election, Tasmanians have a clear choice between a Liberal Government with an economic recovery that is leading the world, and a Labor opposition that would weaken it and risk it.”

Liberal Candidate for Lyons, Susie Bower said that reducing cost of living was a key part of her plan for Lyons.

“The cost of living measures delivered in the recent Budget are already putting more money in the pocket of thousands of people across Lyons,” Ms Bower said.

“You only need to have driven past the fuel bowser over the last few weeks to see those measures working.

“Lyons is a huge electorate and people drive a lot of miles to get to work, take their kids to school or attend sporting and community activities, so it’s great to see lower fuel prices helping their hip pocket.

“We’re also providing greater access to cheaper medicines, with fewer scripts needed for free or further discounted medicines.

“On top of the $40 billion in tax relief already delivered by our Government since the start of the pandemic, these measures are making critical services like health care more affordable and ensuring that Tasmanians keep more of what they earn.”