Liberals’ Plan focussed on local jobs


A re-elected Morrison Government will create more jobs and greater economic opportunities for Tasmanians.

Assistant Minister for Industry Development and Liberal Senator for Tasmania Jonno Duniam said the Liberals pledge to create 1.3 million more jobs around Australia was backed by significant investment in skills and trades.

“Tasmania’s unemployment rate currently sits at 4.5 per cent - down from 8 per cent in 2013 - and we will work hard to drive this number down further,” Senator Duniam said.

“We are creating jobs through lower taxes and investment in regional communities, but we are also committed to investing in the critical skills that Tasmanians need to get trained up and into a job.

“Our plan includes extending the successful Boosting Apprenticeship Commencements Program, which provides employers with a 50 per cent wage subsidy when they employ a new apprentice or trainee.

“We will also invest a further $2.4 billion through the Australian Apprenticeships Incentive System to upskill apprentices and secure the pipeline of skilled workers required to grow Australia’s economy.

“Our economic plan has already delivered lower company tax rates for small businesses, which are now at their lowest rate in over 50 years at just 25 cents in the dollar.

“And we are investing in Australia’s sovereign manufacturing through the $2.5 billion Modern Manufacturing Strategy, which is delivering jobs and new capability across the country.

“When they were last in government, Labor ripped $1.2 billion of incentives out of the skills and trades system, making nine cuts to the incentives that encourage businesses to employ apprentices.

“The high water mark under Labor was a flood of junk traineeships, with the Australian taxpayer left to foot the bill.

“Labor simply cannot be trusted with the economy or with Tasmanian jobs."

Liberal Candidate for Lyons, Susie Bower said job creation was a key part of her plan for Lyons.

“I have a Plan for Lyons which is focussed on delivering more jobs and economic benefits for regional communities,” Ms Bower said.

“Last week the Morrison Government announced the Australian Jobs Pledge, which would deliver around 26,000 additional jobs for Tasmania through measures such as providing tax relief for workers and small businesses, investing in skills and trades, and investing in regional communities.

“As someone who has worked in the higher education sector I have witnessed firsthand the benefits of further education and skills training, opening doors to greater job opportunities.

“Almost 7,500 Tasmanians have taken up in-demand skills thanks to the JobTrainer partnership in the past 18 month alone.

“A re-elected Morrison Government will continue to deliver on these measures to upskill and reskill the workforce, and ensure that the next generation of Tasmanian workers can get a good job and earn a living.

“Only a re-elected Morrison Liberal Government has a plan to build a strong economy and a stronger future for Lyons.”