Benefits from Tamar Irrigation Scheme set to flow


Farmers and producers in the Tamar Valley will benefit from the $290 million Tamar Irrigation Scheme project, which launched water sales today.

My plan for Bass recognises the immense value of reliable irrigation water for local farmers, and when complete the Tamar Irrigation Scheme will give agricultural producers greater access to critical water supplies.

It will underpin a strong economy and will help create more jobs.

Water is the lifeblood of farming communities.

The official launch of water sales today is an important step in the delivery of this project, enabling Tasmanian Irrigation to calculate expected demand from landowners.

Once complete, the 24,500-megalitre Tamar Irrigation Scheme will support a range of primary producers in and around the Tamar region.

Tasmania has become synonymous with world class farmed produce, and our investment will only increase the yield and value of the state’s agriculture industry.

Industries from berries, vineyards, orchards, and livestock will all benefit from increased water access from the Tamar scheme.

In addition to providing a valuable asset for primary producers, the scheme is expected to create approximately 411 full-time direct jobs, supporting the Federal Liberal Government’s focus on job creation.

The Federal Liberal Government’s delivery of Tranche Three priority projects, including Tamar, is building essential water infrastructure for the future success of Tasmania’s agriculture sector.

Because we are building a strong economy, the Liberal Government is able to invest in nation-building irrigation infrastructure to build a strong future for Tasmania.