Liberals’ plan for Tasmania delivering according to new economic reports


Reports released today by CommSec and Deloitte Access Economics shows that the Liberals’ plan for Tasmania is delivering.

The CommSec report once again lists Tasmania as the best performing economy in the country.

The Deloitte Access Economic Report says that –

“Tasmania outsprinted the rest of Australia – and most of the world – through COVID, and it has navigated the early months of opening up well."

This hasn’t happened by accident. Only the Liberals have a plan to work together at a state and federal level to create 26,000 new jobs in Tasmania and keep our economy strong and only I have a plan to make sure Lyons gets its fair share.

I also want to continue to invest in health, roads and aged care, but we need a strong economy to do that. What these reports show is that only the Liberals can deliver that.