Liberals’ Plan for Agriculture and Fisheries


The Liberals have today released our Plan for Agriculture and Fisheries as part of our Plan for a Strong Economy and a Stronger Future.

Under the Liberals, Australia’s farm, fisheries and forestry sectors have reached a combined $86.8 billion - a record level never seen before in Australia’s history.

Only the Liberals have a plan to continue this growth and create more jobs.

We will continue to ensure the right settings are in place for our farmers, fishers and foresters to get on with the job of producing world-best food, fibre and seafood.

Assistant Minister for Forestry and Fisheries and Liberal Senator for Tasmania Jonno Duniam said that the Liberals believe in the future of Tasmanian primary industries and will always back them in.

“In the last year alone, we have committed over $1.7 billion to help the agricultural industry reach its ambitious goal of $100 billion farm gate output by 2030,” Assistant Minister Duniam said.

“The record growth in these industries is a testament to our farmers, fishers and foresters who work so hard every day, and we are behind them every step of the way.

“In Tasmania, the Liberals are proud of our primary industries and know how critical they are to keeping our economy and rural and regional communities strong.

“Our support is unwavering, and this Plan outlines significant investments that demonstrate our commitment to these industries.

“In contrast, Labor has no plan, a history of ignoring agriculture and destroying regional jobs, and has teamed up with the unions to vilify farmers and insult those Tasmanians who feed and clothe us.

“In an uncertain time, regional communities that rely on these industries cannot afford a Labor Government.”

Liberal Candidate for Lyons Susie Bower said that growing agricultural industries was a key part of her plan for Lyons.

“The electorate of Lyons is the proud home of hundreds of agricultural businesses that serve both the domestic and export markets,” Ms Bower said.

“We punch above our weight on agriculture, and I am proud to be a part of a team that backs in the jobs that this industry provides throughout Lyons.

“Our Plan for Agriculture and Fisheries makes investments to cut red tape in export processes for farmers, boost biosecurity, grow our food and beverage manufacturing, and deliver better transport and telecommunications infrastructure for regional areas,” Ms Bower said.

“We will continue to support our Pacific Australia Labour Mobility scheme, and expand the Australian Agriculture Visa Program so that our Tasmanian farmers can get better access to the labour force they need.

“And we will invest $75 million in a new Future Farmer Guarantee Scheme, to support farmers into first time ownership of a farm.

“These measures will back-in our agricultural industries across Tasmania, and ensure that farmers and fishers in Lyons have a strong future ahead of them.”

Key measures outlined under our Plan for Agriculture and Fisheries include:

  • $127.4 million through the Digital Services to Take Farmers to Market initiative to further streamline export processes.
  • Delivery of new market access opportunities for our agriculture and fisheries sector through the entry into force of our free trade deals with the United Kingdom and India, and continuing to pursue trade deals with the European Union.
  • Implementation of a Domestic Standard for Organics to develop the industry and support exports, in consultation with the industry.
  • Finalisation of legislation for a voluntary agriculture biodiversity stewardship market and invest $27.3 million to establish a fully-automated trading platform and to provide direct support to farmers for participation.
  • Maintaining the National Landcare Program, which supports practical on the ground environmental action while supporting jobs in the agriculture sector.
  • $30 million toward a new National Centre for Digital Agriculture and lift the uptake of digital technology through our eight regional Innovation Hubs.
  • Bringing young Australians back to farms through an 18-month pilot, $75 million Future Farmer Guarantee Scheme to support farmers into first time ownership.
  • $10 million over four years to build on the National Farm Safety Education Fund to keep our farmers, fishers and foresters safe.
  • An additional $20 million to extend the Recreational Fishing and Camping Facilities Program, which provides grants to upgrade local infrastructure.
  • Improvements to the transparency and efficiency of the marketing of Australian seafood through a voluntary seafood origin labelling system and harmonisation of certification arrangements.

Only the Liberals have a plan to support our agriculture and fisheries industries, and deliver a strong economy for a stronger future.

Our Plan for Agriculture and Fisheries is available at: