Celebrating one of the Jewels in the Crown of Tasmania


It’s fantastic to get back over on King Island, a jewel in the crown of Tasmania in so many ways. From tourism to agriculture and now the extraction of minerals critical to our national security, King Island plays a vital role in our state’s economy.

I’ll be on the Island chatting with the hardworking locals, community leaders and business owners, listening to their ideas for the future of the Island and our great region.

Since being elected in 2019, I have made it my focus to ensure that regional communities, like King Island and the West Coast have a representative that is in their corner, fighting for them every day.

The results are there for anyone to judge, the runs are on the board. I have delivered 40 projects, worth well over $18 million to improve critical infrastructure and essential services on King Island since being elected as the Member for Braddon.

Some of these projects include over $4 million to transform the King Island telecommunications network, $530,000 to seal 17.5 kilometres of roads on the Island, and $5 million for the King Island Community Hub development. Redeveloping the Grassy Sports Complex has also been a real point of pride for me.

Over the next 3 years, I will continue to ensure King Island’s views are represented in Canberra and that you receive the investment that will secure your future.

That’s my commitment to you.