Forestry industry backs Liberal plan


The forestry industry has backed our Plan for Australian Forestry Jobs as the best plan to secure the future of Australia’s forest and wood products industry.

The forestry industry knows that only the Liberals can be trusted to back-in forestry in all of its forms and have a plan to deliver on that promise.

I have worked hand-in-glove with the industry to develop our $220 million package that will secure Australia’s 73,000 forestry jobs.

Our Plan will turbo-charge our research and development capability, increase our sovereign timber manufacturing capability and help to grow our forest industries across the country.

And unlike our opponents, we are committed to working with states and territories to secure the future of our sustainable, world-class native forest industry.

In contrast, Labor has a track record of shutting our forest industries down.

Under Labor the native forestry industry in Victoria and Western Australia will be shut down.

Under Labor and the Greens over 4,000 forestry jobs were lost in Tasmania under the forestry peace deal.

And to add insult to injury, Labor’s Braddon candidate Chris Lynch has brought one of the architects of the forestry peace deal, former Labor Environment Minister Tony Burke, to Braddon this weekend to launch his campaign.

This is a slap in the face to those hard working men and women across Tasmania who lost their jobs as a result of Labor’s actions.

Only the Liberals have a strong plan to grow forestry jobs and ensure a stronger future for the industry.