Liberals highlight their plan for Tasmania one week out from the election


With the election this Saturday, the Tasmanian Liberal team has kicked off its final week blitz, which will focus on a different element of its plan for Tasmania each day, with a clear message for voters according to Liberal Senator Jonathon Duniam.

“Tasmanians have a clear choice on Saturday,” Senator Duniam said.

“It’s a choice between a Liberal Government that is building a strong economy and a strong future, and a Labor Party that is captive to the Greens and would weaken the economy.

“It’s a choice between a Liberal Government that has a plan for a strong future that will relieve cost of living pressures, create more jobs and continue to invest more in health, and a Labor Party that can’t manage money and will do what they always do and raise taxes.

“It’s a choice between Labor’s nearly half a billion in unfunded promises and our responsible $160 million of commitments.

“It’s a choice between a strong Morrison Government and a Labor Party that, let’s face it, will do a deal with the Greens, because that’s what they always do – which will mean fewer jobs, a weaker economy, less funding for essential services and higher taxes to pay for the Labor-Green promises.

“We have released a comprehensive plan for Tasmania, that will look after our health system, improve our roads, tackle the cost of living and make sure Tasmania continues to be the best place to live, work and raise a family.

“We have a fantastic team of candidates that are united and committed to putting Tasmania first. We will be a strong voice for Tasmania and we will continue to deliver results for our communities as part of a re-elected Liberal Government."