Liberals’ plan to boost homeownership a game-changer


The Liberals have a clear plan to help more Tasmanians buy their own home.

Announced yesterday by the Prime Minister, Tasmanians will be able to access their super to buy a home.

This is announcement is a game-changer. It will offer more families the security of owning their own home and being able to build a stronger future for themselves.

Under the Super Home Buyer Scheme, first home buyers will be able to invest up to 40 per cent of their superannuation, up to a maximum of $50,000 to help with the purchase of their first home.

It will mean Tasmanians can buy their first home sooner by slashing the time taken to save a deposit by three years, on average.

The scheme will apply to both new and existing homes with the invested amount to be returned to their superannuation fund when the house is sold, including a share of any capital gain.

This means that a person’s super is harnessed to purchase a first home while also protecting their long-term savings plan for retirement.

There are no income or property caps under the Super Home Buyer Scheme with eligibility restricted to first homebuyers who must have separately saved five per cent of the deposit.

Only the Liberals have a comprehensive plan to help Tasmanians with the Great Australian Dream of home ownership.