Liberals’ plan delivering for Southern Lyons


At the election on Saturday, the communities in southern Lyons have a very clear choice between the Liberal plan for a strong economy and a stronger future or Labor, who will sell out the region to the Greens and who don’t have a plan to deliver on any of their commitments.

My plan for Lyons, and in particular southern Lyons focuses on three areas: jobs and the economy, investing in services and delivering the infrastructure we need.

I am committed to building a strong economy for the region through initiatives such as the Sorell Jobs Hub, supporting Nyrstar, which employs many people in the electorate, and investing in Norske Skog to ensure they have a strong future. All of this will help reach our target of creating 26,000 new jobs in Tasmania.

My plan brings together the state and federal governments to work together to deliver the vital services we need. That includes investing in rural health services to ensure there are more GPs in regional communities.

Importantly, we will work together to continue delivering the infrastructure that Lyons needs. The work underway today duplicating the road between Sorell and Hobart is a game changer for communities in Southern Lyons and it’s a great example of what I will deliver as part of my plan. Already we are working with our state colleagues to invest an additional $100 million into the Great Eastern Drive.

My plan for Lyons will help create a stronger future. Unlike Labor, I have a plan is fully costed and fully funded.

The choice on Saturday is clear and if the people of Lyons elect me, they know they will have a representative that will work for them every day and deliver the results they expect.